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Alternative forms[edit]


From jack (raise with a jack).

  • “Wrecked, messed up” sense possibly an extension of the “under the influence of stimulants” sense


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jacked up (comparative more jacked up, superlative most jacked up)

  1. Hoisted, lifted off the ground, or propped up using a jack.
    Do you want to rotate the tires while we have the car jacked up?
  2. (slang, automotive) Describes a 4x4 automobile that has a "lift kit", raising the body and/or frame higher than stock.
    He took us for a ride in his awesome new jacked up truck.
  3. (informal) Significantly increased or expanded.
    It's hard to make ends meet with the jacked up price of gas.
    The new jacked up triple-barrel cannons helped turn the tide of the war.
  4. (slang) Under the influence of stimulants; high.
    They were all jacked up on coke.
  5. (slang) Stimulated, excited.
    • 2002 July 15, Kevin Boyce, Loud Rock, CMJ New Music Report, page 13,
      Late summer is going to be a fantastic time to be a metal fan and we′re more jacked-up about it than a truckload of nymphomaniacs let loose in a dildo factory.
    • 2010, Smokie Brannaman, Equiknowlogy 101, page 68:
      The longer I ride my horse, the more jacked-up he gets. Why?
    • 2011, Wayne LaPointe; Jose Martinez, Radical, page 272:
      To see everything that I have seen and to hear everything I heard in only a few minutes after kicking off made me even more excited and more jacked up to do this march.
  6. (slang) Wrecked; damaged; ruined; injured.
    That jacked up refrigerator hasn't moved from that curb in months.
    My elbow is all jacked up from playing tennis.
  7. (slang) Reprehensible; objectionable.
    Dude, your girlfriend left you for your brother? That's jacked up.
  8. (obsolete, dialect, West Country and Australia) Bankrupt; insolvent; ruined; done for.
  9. (obsolete, dialect, West Country and Australia) Absent, having quit, given up, or having abandoned one's post.

Usage notes[edit]




jacked up

  1. simple past tense and past participle of jack up