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Stercorarius pomarinus
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Alternative forms[edit]


A borrowing from German Jäger (hunter). Related to English yacht.



jaeger (plural jaegers)

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  1. Any of three seabirds in the skua genus Stercorarius.
  2. A hunter's guide.
  3. A rifle.
    • 2007 January 16, David E. Petzal, “Rifle That Made America”, in Field and Stream[1]:
      The jaeger was the creation of Central European gunsmiths ...
  4. A sharpshooter, a rifleman, light infantry.
    • 2010, Newt Gingrich, William R. Forstchen, Albert S. Hanser, Valley Forge: George Washington and the Crucible of Victory (Historical Fiction), St. Martin's Press, →ISBN:
      These were the mounted Hessian riflemen, the dreaded Jaegers.
    • 2011 Spring, Adam Goodheart, “Civil Warfare in the Streets”, in American Scholar, volume 80, number 2, page 20-32:
      St. Louis, however, was not a place where such things could be kept secret for long. By early March, Democratic papers carried reports of a terrifying new battalion known as the Black Jaegers --


  • (bird of the genus Stercorarius): skua

Derived terms[edit]