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From Proto-Slavic *jebati, from Proto-Indo-European *h₃yebʰ-.



jebať impf

  1. (vulgar) to fuck
  2. (vulgar) to put, to put away,
    Jebni to tam! — put it there!
  3. (vulgar) to piss off
    už ma jebeš! — you fucking piss me off!
  4. (vulgar) to bother with something, to struggle
    Jebem sa s tým už dva dni. — I've been struggling with that shit for 2 days already
  5. (vulgar) to hit
    Jebni po tom a pôjde to. — Hit that shit and it will start working
  6. (vulgar) to walk, to go
    Jebal som sa celý deň do Košíc. — I walked to fucking Košice all day

Those are only some of the meanings. And you can add prefixes to that word (najebať, zajebať etc.) and they change the meanings of the word


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