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(index ka)


  • Rhymes: -ɑle
  • IPA(key): [ˈkɑpːɑle(ʔ)]
  • Hyphenation: kap‧pa‧le
  • Rhymes: -e



  1. An object (thing that has physical existence)
  2. A piece (part of a larger whole)
    Ravintola "Z" on kappale Marokkoa tuotuna Helsinkiin.
    Restaurant "Z" is a piece of Morocco brought to Helsinki.
  3. A piece of music, especially of light music, song.
    "Yesterday" on yksi Beatlesien suosituimpia kappaleita. = "Yesterday" is one of the most famous songs of the Beatles.
  4. A measure of quantity, often corresponding English adverbs apiece, each.
    Kynät maksavat euron kappale.
    The pens cost one euro each.
  5. An article (member of a group or class). Used mostly in compound words.
    vaatekappale = an article of clothing
  6. A paragraph (passage in text)
  7. (mathematics) A solid.
  8. (physics) physical body