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From kluss (quiet, silent) +‎ -ums.


klusums m (1st declension)

  1. silence, quiet (state in which there are no strong, no hearable sounds, noises)
    iestājās pilnīgs, absolūts klusumsa complete, an absolute silence fell
    nakts klusumāin the silence of the night
    svinīgs, baigs klusumssolemn, grim silence
    slimniekam vajadzīgs miers un klusumsthe patient needs peace and quiet
    kapa, nāves klusumsthe silence of a tomb, of death (i.e., absolute silence)
    klusuma brīdismoment of silence
    ievērot, pārtraukt klusumuto observe, to disturb the silence
  2. (figuratively) silence, calm (a state in a process where there is little or no intense activity)
    frontē iestājās klusumssilence fell on the front
    klusums pirms vētrasthe silence, calm before the storm (i.e., before terrible events)
  3. piece, quiet, calm (the quality of that which is silent, peaceful, calm)
    mājas klusumshome quiet, calm
    meža klusumsforest quiet, silence
    vakara klusumsevening calm, quiet
    nomales klusumssuburban calm, quiet