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  1. the number three (digit or figure 3)
  2. third gear
  3. trey (playing card or score three)
  4. triplet (one of a group of three babies born from the same mother during the same birth)
  5. (card games, plural) three of a kind (three cards of the same rank in one hand)

Usage notes[edit]

In Finnish, three as a value or count of something is kolme, but in Finnish three as an attribute of something is kolmonen. Hence the bus number three is referred to as "kolmonen" and three as the face value of a die is also kolmonen, and so "three threes" in a dice game would be kolme kolmosta or kolmoskolmoset.


Inflection of kolmonen (Kotus type 38/nainen, no gradation)
nominative kolmonen kolmoset
genitive kolmosen kolmosten
partitive kolmosta kolmosia
illative kolmoseen kolmosiin
singular plural
nominative kolmonen kolmoset
accusative nom. kolmonen kolmoset
gen. kolmosen
genitive kolmosen kolmosten
partitive kolmosta kolmosia
inessive kolmosessa kolmosissa
elative kolmosesta kolmosista
illative kolmoseen kolmosiin
adessive kolmosella kolmosilla
ablative kolmoselta kolmosilta
allative kolmoselle kolmosille
essive kolmosena kolmosina
translative kolmoseksi kolmosiksi
instructive kolmosin
abessive kolmosetta kolmositta
comitative kolmosineen


Coordinate terms[edit]