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kulloin (when) +‎ -kin



  1. at each time, in each case, indicating randomness
    Kokouksissa on käynyt kuka kulloinkin.
    The meetings have been attended by who ever has been available in each case.
    He söivät, mitä kulloinkin sattuivat saamaan ilmaiseksi.
    They ate whatever they happened to get for free at each time.
  2. at any given time, at the time, indicating dependence on the value of a variable at the time of a past or future event
    Viivästyskorko on seitsemän prosenttia korkeampi kuin kulloinkin voimassa oleva 12§ mukainen viitekorko.
    The penalty interest rate is equal to the valid reference rate as defined in paragraph 12, added by seven percentage points.
    Kulloinkin voimassa oleva arvonlisävero lisätään hintaan.
    The value-added tax valid at the time of purchase is added to the price.

Usage notes[edit]

As the usage examples indicate, the English translation may often be omitted, if the idea is otherwise clear from he context.

Related terms[edit]