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From Proto-Finnic *mi, *mikä, from Proto-Uralic *mi. Cognate with Estonian mis, Veps mi, Võro miä, Hungarian mi.


mikä (stem mi-)

  1. (interrogative) which, what.
  2. (indefinite) whatever.
  3. (relative) which, that, what.

Usage notes[edit]

  • (relative) Mikä is used to refer to a whole sentence (1), a superlative or a noun modified by a superlative (2) or a pronoun not referring to a person (3):
  • (1) Kaikki menikin lopulta hyvin, mikä oli suuri helpotus.
Ultimately, everything went well which was a great relief.
  • (2) Se on parasta, mitä minulle on koskaan tapahtunut.
It/That is the best that has ever happened to me.
  • (2) Se on paras elokuva, minkä olen koskaan nähnyt.
It/That is the best film that I have ever seen.
  • (3) Hän todisti sen, mikä oli todistettavissa.
He proved what was provable.
  • (3) Hän todisti kaiken, mikä oli todistettavissa.
He proved everything that was provable.


  • Irregular. Some cases are never used.


  • (relative): mi (archaic, poetic)

Derived terms[edit]