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From Ottoman Turkish قورتلمق(kurtulmak, to escape, get free, get rid of, be saved, be relieved), from Proto-Turkic *kurt-ul- (to be saved, be rescued), passive of the unattested stem *kurt-. Cognate to kurtarmak (to save, rescue) causative form of the same root.

Cognate with Old Uyghur [script needed] (qurtulmaq, salvation), [script needed] (qurtul-, to be saved, be rescued), Karakhanid [script needed] (qurtulmāq, to be saved, be rescued, be relieved), Azerbaijani qurtulmaq (to escape, run away), Bashkir ҡотолоу (qotolou, to get free), Chuvash хӑтӑлма (hăt̬ălma, to be saved, get rid of), Kazakh құтылу (qutılw, to escape, get rid of), Khakas худуларға (xudularğa, to escape, save oneself), Kyrgyz кутулуу (qutuluu, to escape, get rid of), Tatar котылу (qotılu, to escape, get free), Turkmen gutulmak (to recover), Uyghur قۇتۇلماق(qutulmaq, to avoid, escape), Uzbek qutulmoq.


kurtulmak (third-person singular simple present kurtulur)

  1. (intransitive, with ablative case) to be rescued, be saved, be freed; to escape
  2. (intransitive, with ablative case) to get rid of, be rid of (something or someone unpleasant), be relieved
  3. (intransitive, of an animal) to get loose, break loose


Related terms[edit]


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