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lace into (third-person singular simple present laces into, present participle lacing to, simple past and past participle laced into)

  1. (informal, transitive) To vigorously attack, either physically or verbally.
    • 1963 Nov. 22, "Nation: The Sound of Footsteps," Time:
      Then he laced into the Kennedy Administration, saying that the New Frontier has produced "1,026 days of wasted spending, wishful thinking, unwarranted intervention, wistful theories and waning confidence."
    • 1981 Feb. 25, "Courting Destruction‎" (photo caption), Daytona Beach Morning Journal, p. 1B (retrieved 24 July 2011):
      A bulldozer does its dirty work Tuesday lacing into the first of several Beach Street buildings that will be rendered rubble.
    • 2000 Jan. 2, Mike Wise, "An N.B.A. Power Broker Who Lost His Power," New York Times (retrieved 24 July 2011):
      Rider, a renowned malcontent, laced into teammates after a loss to the Pacers on Wednesday, using an expletive-filled diatribe to vent his frustration.
  2. (informal, transitive, of food or beverages) To consume with gusto.
    • 1988 Nov. 28, Frank Jones, "Oprah made size 10 error backing diet‎," Toronto Star (Canada), p. C1:
      Now, that doesn't mean we should all lace into the fries and gravy.
    • 2006 Nov. 26, David Shaftel, "Pork Chops He Has Known," New York Times (retrieved 24 July 2011):
      [G]uests laced into the feast, the star of which was communal dishes of braised pigs’ feet.