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Alternative forms[edit]


leather-lunged (comparative more leather-lunged, superlative most leather-lunged)

  1. (idiomatic) Possessing or characterized by robust lungs and a strong voice suitable for loud, sustained public speaking, shouting, wailing, singing, etc.
    • 1918, B. M. Bower, Cabin Fever, ch. 11:
      He would like to know how she was getting along—and the baby, too. . . . It was a leather-lunged, red-faced, squirming little mite.
    • 1980, Raven I. McDavid Jr., American English: Essays, →ISBN, p. 313:
      One of the notable effects of technical change has been the obsolescence of leather-lunged oratory of the William Jennings Bryan school, in favor of the "fireside chat" of Franklin Roosevelt; with electrical amplification, a speaker could use conversational style and still be understood in a large auditorium.
    • 2007, James Poniewozik, "Why American Idol Keeps Soaring," Time, 4 April:
      Some make a story arc of their performances, like Clarkson, who grew over Season 1 from wallflower to leather-lunged sensation.