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From lick +‎ -er +‎ -y.


lickery (comparative more lickery, superlative most lickery)

  1. Marked by licking, often involving copious amounts of saliva; sloppy; (by extension) salacious
    • 2010, Marcia Lynn McClure, The Touch of Sage, page 73:
      “I want some waltzin',” Rose said. “And a long, lickery good-night kiss!”
    • 2011, Marcia Lynn McClure, The Light of the Lovers' Moon:
      “You know, a big lickery kiss, like the one we seen Roy Gribbs lay to Ethel McCormick the other day when we was peekin' at them from the branches of that ol' cottonwood tree.”
    • 2012, Khalid Patel, Hollow Shotguns:
      As insults, rips and profanes unsettled the tree tops, the dogs of demonism concluded licking up Thump's plasma, secured glares back up. Thump merely gave them appetizers. Their hungers teased, their eyeballs bristled with deep craving. “Hounds've finished their lickery...” observed Zeth.
    • 2013, Ray Banks, Dead Money, page 89:
      And all I could think of was: Come on, Stevie, give me a great big lickery kiss.