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life of the party

  1. (idiomatic) A person who participates in entertainment events in a very enthusiastic manner and who has a leading role in inspiring others to join in the spirit of festivity.
    Synonyms: life and soul of the party, party animal
    • 1846 October 1 – 1848 April 1, Charles Dickens, chapter 37, in Dombey and Son, London: Bradbury and Evans, [], published 1848, OCLC 145080417:
      ‘You were the life of the party last night, Ma'am, you know,’ returned Flowers, ‘and you suffer for it, to-day, you see.’
    • 1915, Edward Stratemeyer, The Rover Boys in Business, ch. 30,
      Tom was the life of the party, and the way he "cut up" was "simply awful," as Nellie declared.
    • 1950 January 2, “Headliners of the 1920s”, in Life[1], page 46:
      They were the life of the party and everyone loves them, even though it was not a party that the nation can afford to throw again.