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From Old Irish les (the space about a dwelling-house or houses enclosed by a bank or rampart).


  • IPA(key): /l̠ʲɪsˠ/, /l̠ʲʊsˠ/


lios m (genitive singular leasa, nominative plural liosanna)

  1. enclosed ground of (ancient) dwelling-house; enclosed space, garth
  2. ringfort
  3. fairy mound
  4. ring, halo


Derived terms[edit]

  • liosachán (fairy fort, fairy mound)
  • urlios (forecourt, front enclosure)

Further reading[edit]

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Scottish Gaelic[edit]



lios f, m (genitive singular lise or liosa, plural liosan)

  1. garden
    lios luibheana garden for herbs
    lios-àraicha (plant) nursery
    lios-olaidhan olive garden
  2. longing in pregnancy
  3. dispute, debate, strife
  4. house, habitation
  5. palace
  6. fortified place
  7. enclosure or stall for cattle
  8. court
    lios rìoghaila royal court
    lios ìosala low court