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  1. (archaic) distant (located far away)
    • 1915, Valter juva (tr.), “Jumalien tanhu (title of a poem)”, in Valikoima runoja (A collection of poems), translation of Gudarne dansa (Dance of the gods) by Gustaf Fröding:
      Noin jumalat ylhät, riemuin ja soitoin; ne arvoisin elein ja katsehin loitoin; kävi juhlaan, …
      Thus the noble gods with joy and music; with dignified gestures and distant gazes; began the party, …


Currently only adessive, ablative and allative cases are used as adverbs; other cases are obsolete, including nominative.

Inflection of loitto (Kotus type 1/valo, tt-t gradation)
nominative loitto loitot
genitive loiton loittojen
partitive loittoa loittoja
illative loittoon loittoihin
singular plural
nominative loitto loitot
accusative nom. loitto loitot
gen. loiton
genitive loiton loittojen
partitive loittoa loittoja
inessive loitossa loitoissa
elative loitosta loitoista
illative loittoon loittoihin
adessive loitolla loitoilla
ablative loitolta loitoilta
allative loitolle loitoille
essive loittona loittoina
translative loitoksi loitoiksi
instructive loitoin
abessive loitotta loitoitta
comitative loittoine

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