look down one's nose

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look down one's nose

  1. (idiomatic, usually followed by at) To regard as inferior or distasteful; to hold in contempt.
    • 1940, Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton, The House of Lee (2005 Kessinger ed.), →ISBN, p. 98:
      You look too high and mighty; customers would think you were looking down your nose at them.
    • 1952, "The Press: Fried Crow, à la Mode," Time, 24 March:
      The New York Daily News's Columnist John O'Donnell, a Taftman, looked down his nose at Eisenhower's campaign.
    • 2003, Joy Fielding, Whispers and Lies, →ISBN, p. 7:
      [S]he has such a superior look about her, you know, like some snooty society matron, looking down her nose at the rest of us.


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