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Alternative forms[edit]



low-down (comparative more low-down, superlative most low-down)

  1. (idiomatic, slang, US) Of no value.
    • 1922, A. M. Chisholm, A Thousand a Plate
      Seemingly here was an intruder who was violating custom. Moreover, the partners had come to look upon this exceedingly rich district as their exclusive property. And so their indignation was extreme.
      "The low-down, ornery cuss!" said Dobbs. "The nerve of him, crowdin' in on us, just as if there wasn't lots of other places for him to go!"
    • 2007, Olive Ann Burns, Cold Sassy Tree, page 16:
      No-count. Even low-down. I still don't see how Loma could of married into that sharecropper white trash.