made in the shade

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Possibly from a children's rhyme: "ice-cold lemonade, made in the shade, stirred with a spade, by an old maid."


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made in the shade (not comparable)

  1. (idiomatic) In a condition characterized by comfort, success, easy living, or general well-being.
    • 1966, Paul Beck, "Reagan Says He Would Choose ‘Best Talent’ to Help Run State," Los Angeles Times, 1 Nov., p. 1:
      Republicans should not "believe these stories that we're taking it easy—that we've got it made in the shade."
    • 1978, Russell Banks, The New World‎, →ISBN, pp. 76-77:
      "You got it made now, Parson," Feeney informed him. "You know that? Made in the shade. . . . You lucky bastard,"
    • 2005, Mark Anthony Jarmon, "Righteous Speedboat," in Our Game: An All-Star Collection of Hockey Fiction‎ by Doug Beardsley, →ISBN, p. 242:
      Courtnall has it made in the shade now, big money, owns restaurants and a spiffy log cabin on a cliff over the crashing ocean.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Usually found in the formations have it made in the shade or got it made in the shade.

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