make a hash of

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make a hash of (third-person singular simple present makes a hash of, present participle making a hash of, simple past and past participle made a hash of)

  1. to do badly, particularly to make a mess while doing.
    I generally make a hash of talking to boys I like; it's so frustrating.
    Pouring drinks is one thing I always make a hash of, so please help yourselves.
    • 2013, Phil McNulty, "[1]", BBC Sport, 26 December 2013:
      City's victory was secured in first-half injury time when Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet made a hash of his attempt to keep out Alvaro Negredo's chip, ensuring Manuel Pellegrini's side kept their flawless home league record.
    • 1919, W. Somerset Maugham, The Moon and Sixpence, ch. 12
      "Of course a miracle may happen, and you may be a great painter, but you must confess the chances are a million to one against it. It'll be an awful sell if at the end you have to acknowledge you've made a hash of it."