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From blend of man +‎ antique.


mantique (plural mantiques)

  1. An antique or collectible which appeals mainly to men.
    • 2011, Libby Callaway, American Pickers Guide to Picking:
      Put pretty simply, mantiques are any vintage item that makes a fifty-year-old guy remember what it's like to be a kid without any obligations and total freedom to run around having fun—whether his memories of times like that are of him at age five or twenty-five, mantiques help him create a space where he can flash back to a time when he had fewer responsibilities.
    • 2016, Tom Cotter, Route 66 Barn Find Road Trip:
      Literally across Route 66 from Chris Hoagland's FMC motor coach graveyard was a sign that said Mantiques with an arrow pointing down a road.



mantique f (plural mantiques)

  1. mantic

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