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meat +‎ bag. The use as a slur for organic lifeforms – as opposed to robots or AIs – originated with the robot Bender from the animated TV series Futurama, but became popular with its use by killer droid HK-47 from the Star Wars fictional universe.[1]


meatbag (plural meatbags)

  1. (slang) A stomach.
    • 2002, Jack Hanson, Wildgun: Winter Hunt, Jove:
      “Are you hungry?” she asked as she poured thick black coffee into a large pewter mug. “Reckon I could fill my meatbag ... Um, I mean, yeah, Ma, I could do with something to eat.”
  2. (slang, possibly offensive) A human or another living creature with flesh in its composition.
    • 2018 June 15, Danny Paez, “A.I. Learns to Gaze into the Future By Watching Four Hours of Cooking Videos”, in
      Ripping the bong and binging cooking videos is nothing but a pass time for us meatbags. But to a sophisticated new artificial intelligence system developed in Germany, four hours of cooking videos is sufficient training for it to learn how to tell the future.


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