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meat +‎ -y





meaty (comparative meatier, superlative meatiest)

  1. Of, relating to, or containing meat.
  2. Resembling meat in flavour, etc.
    This tastes rather meaty. Are you sure it's vegetarian?
    • 1946, George Johnston, Skyscrapers in the Mist, page 121:
      "He's a foreign-looking guy with thinnish black hair and a meaty sort of pan."
  3. Of a person or a body part, large and solid.
  4. Substantial.
    I got a nice, meaty bonus.
    He scored a meaty role in the film, with plenty of action and dialogue.
    • 2024 June 16, David Hytner, “Jude Bellingham gives England winning start but Serbia make Southgate sweat”, in Guardian[1]:
      Alexander-Arnold had a few nice moments on the ball before the interval. He also had a bad one when his loose touch allowed Zivkovic to supply Mitrovic for a meaty drive that flew wide.




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