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From French médicastre or Italian medicastro, from Late Latin medicaster, from Latin medicus(a doctor, a physician; a surgeon) + -aster(suffix forming nouns expressing incomplete resemblance, which are thus usually pejorative).



medicaster (plural medicasters)

  1. (dated, now chiefly literary) A quack doctor; someone who pretends to have medical knowledge.
    • 1751, Giovanni Bianchi, A Dissertation against Blisters, Delivered in a Speech, before the Lyncean Academy at Rimino, in June 1746, London: Printed by M. Cooper, at the Globe in Paternoster-Row, M. Sheepy, under the Royal Exchange Cornhill; and J. Swan, opposite to Northumberland-House by Charing-Cross, OCLC 915390042, page 40:
      But these innovating Medicaſters have introduced a Practice not only very precarious, but in many Reſpects extremely dangerous, and quite devoid of any one of the Qualities which conſtitute a good Remedy, viz. to cure the Patient, as the Axiom has it, cito, tuto, & jucunde, i.e. ſpeedily, ſafely, and pleaſantly.