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From Scots mingin.


  • IPA(key): /ˈmɪŋɪŋ/
  • (file)
    Rhymes: -ɪŋɪŋ


minging (comparative more minging, superlative most minging)

  1. (Britain, slang) Unattractive or repulsive.
    • 2011, Melvin Burgess, Kill All Enemies, Penguin UK (→ISBN)
      Once, Cookie even tried to get me to give it a go with Jez – can you believe the nerve of that? 'Why would I want to do that? He's minging.' 'Why not? It won't hurt. He never gets a shag.' 'No, Cookie. Bloody hell.' He hasn't got a clue. 'Wouldn't you be jealous?' 'No.' 'You're an idiot. Why do you think he never gets a shag?' 'Why?' 'Because he's minging!' 'So? I'm minging. We're all minging. None of us are exactly page three, are we, Billie?'
  2. (Britain, slang) Unclean or dirty.
    • 2011, Lucy Kellaway, The Answers: All the office questions you never dared to ask, Profile Books (→ISBN), page 82
      Cleaners are always prime suspects for office thefts but in my long experience it's nearly all employees, with a tiny remainder down to traditional burglary. My advice is to presume the Nike-clad cleaner innocent and take personal stuff home, especially minging sportswear.

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