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Alternative forms[edit]


Reduplicated from mingle.


mingle-mangle (plural mingle-mangles)

  1. A collection containing a variety of miscellaneous things.
    • 1902, Charles James Longman, Longman's Magazine - Volume 39 - Page 191:
      Is not it an extraordinary instance of a minglemangle of old Norse Paganism and Christianity? Thor's Mell and Christ's Cross.




mingle-mangle (third-person singular simple present mingle-mangles, present participle mingle-mangling, simple past and past participle mingle-mangled)

  1. To mix in a disorderly way; to make a mess of.
    Synonym: jumble
    • 1550 October 19 (Gregorian calendar), Hugh Latimer, “Sermon XII. Preached at Stamford, Oct. 9, in the Year 1550.”, in The Sermons of the Right Reverend Father in God, Master Hugh Latimer, Bishop of Worcester. [], volume I, London: [] J. Scott, [], published 1758, OCLC 12219849, page 240:
      So ſhould vve Preachers be true men, Preachers of God's vvay, truly, truly, vvithout regard of perſon; that is, for man's pleaſure corrupting the vvord, or mingle-mangle the vvord vvith man's inven tion and traditions.