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From the fusion of Middle English misbidden (to mistreat; equivalent to mis- +‎ bid) and Middle English misbeden (to mistreat; abuse; outrage; offend; insult), from Old English misbēodan (to ill-use, injure, do wrong to, announce wrongly), equivalent to mis- +‎ bid (to offer, declare).



misbid (third-person singular simple present misbids, present participle misbidding, simple past misbid or misbad or misbade, past participle misbidden)

  1. (transitive, obsolete) To injure; mistreat.
  2. (transitive, obsolete) To insult; offend.
  3. (transitive, intransitive) To make an incorrect offer or bid.
    • 1988, Madeleine M. Leininger, Care, discovery and uses in clinical and community nursing:
      I did my bids for that month and I misbid, and I bid all weekends.
  4. (transitive, intransitive, card games) To bid incorrectly; bid higher or lower than actual.
    • 2004, Jim Priebe, Takeout Double: A Bridge Mystery:
      After apologizing profusely for his errors on the first two hands, he misbid the last hand and they ended up in fifth place.

Derived terms[edit]


misbid (plural misbids)

  1. An incorrect bid or offer.