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Etymology 1[edit]

Short for modification man.


mod man (plural mod men)

  1. (slang) A person who experiments with and modifies the internals of machinery, electronics, or software that has been mass-produced; a creative mechanic or technician.
    • 1994 December 15, C. Gracie, “MODS IN TORONTO WHERE ARE YOU? ALSO BLUR ARE AMAZING!”,, Usenet
      I'm a huge mod man here from McMaster University and looking for other mods in the Toronto area
    • 1996 July 15, Michael Patrick, “Re: Dr.Dirt?”,, Usenet
      Dr Dirt is indeed Eric Gorr long time porter and engine mod man. He has made some of the top pro riders in the sport their engines
    • 1996 September 12, “Snopolaris”, “ULTRA SETUP-----”,, Usenet
      A friend of mine has two stock ultra RMK's, that he know [sic.] nothing about. I myself am a full Mod Man. His Ultra's ran ok but I want to help him set them correctly.
    • 1997 September 23, Mike “Mikebhoff” from, “shift kits and my 2 cents”,, Usenet
      I installed a BMW transpak in the 4L60 on my 91 Z-28. I'm no tower of mechanical prowess, but also no dummy and I followed the instructions to the letter....
      Mike (disgruntled
    • 1998 December 13, Steve “steve_2000”, “Re: EVH and digital delays Re: Why does Eddie Van Halen suck?”, alt.guitar, Usenet
      Hotrodding Marshall's became a large cottage industry and a few of the guys who started out with great Marshall mods went on to form their own successful companies, Mike Soldano, Bogner, Paul Rivera (who was an early mod man, initially making his name modding Fenders.)
    • 1999 July 18, Nicholas Owen, “Re: Why?”,, Usenet
      I hear that someone has been able to make a bot for JK, but its AI is as bad as the in game characters. I suppose it might be possible to play co-op against these bots alongside another player, but i dont know as i'[m] not a mod man.
    • 2002 April 30, Russ “radiok3pi”, “Re: Radio Shack USA has Grundig YB-400”,, Usenet
      My understanding on the 398/909 is that Sangean built the radio this way basically for the European prevent overloading. If you search this newsgroup, you will find mods mentioned (by the great mod man RickW) that correct this condition.

Etymology 2[edit]

Short for modern man.


mod man (plural mod men)

  1. (informal) A man who is modern in style.
    • 1997, Ken Gelder and Sarah Thornton (editors), The Subcultures Reader, Routledge, →ISBN, page 115
      It may well be that the mod preoccupation with style and the emergence of the unisex look and the ‘effeminate’ mod man, gave girls a more legitimate place in the subculture than had previously been the case.
    • 1997 September, “ezmarelda” from, “Re: Learning to See”, alt.dreams.castaneda, Usenet
      ezmarelda: do u have a cracker jack degree in psychology from pete ross U? are ua [you a] mod man?
      Emilio: No degrees or pedigree.... I live in a modern world but seek another mode.
    • 1969, John Hallowell, The Truth Game, Simon and Schuster, →ISBN, page 204
      Back behind The Factory's burnished long bar, Patrick squints through all the whirring green and red and yellow lights, all the heaving bodies, until he catches the eye of a quiet mod man who sits back in the shadows with his blonde wife, seeing and unseen.