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occult +‎ -ation


occultation (plural occultations)

  1. (astronomy) An astronomical event that occurs when one celestial object is hidden by another celestial object that passes between it and the observer when the nearer object appears larger and completely hides the more distant object.
  2. The state of being occult.
    • (Can we date this quote?), Jeffrey, (Please provide the book title or journal name):
      the reappearance of such an author after those long periods of occultation
    • 1857, “Occultation of Rivers”, in The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal[1], page 41:
      In western Europe, the most celebrated instance of the occultation of a river was that of the Rhone, near Bellegarde, on the confines of France and Savoy, about 18 miles from Geneva; but, alas, on visiting this interesting spot in the autumn of 1855, I found that the Perte du Rhone no longer exists; for the Sardinian Government, in which territory it was, had blown up the rocky roof, beneath which it had been engulfed, in order to facilitate the conveyance of timber on the river.
  3. (Shia Islam) The disappearance of the messianic figure, or Mahdi, who will one day return to the world.


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