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Alternative forms[edit]

  • (dialectal form) odzs


Originally the 5th-declension parallel (analogical) form of an earlier 6th-declension (feminine i-stem) form *odzis (cf. dialectal odzs), from Proto-Baltic *angis, from Proto-Indo-European *angʷʰi-, *h₂éngʷʰis(snake, worm). Cognates include Lithuanian angìs, Old Prussian angis(snake), Proto-Slavic *ǫžь(snake) (Russian уж(, grass snake), Belarusian, Ukrainian вуж(vuž), Czech užovka(adder), Polish wąż(snake)), Sanskrit अहिः(áhiḥ, snake), Old Armenian իժ(, viper), Ancient Greek ἔχις(ékhis), ὄφις(óphis, snake) (< *ogʷhis), Latin anguis(snake, dragon).[1]


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odze f (5th declension)

  1. viper, adder (poisonous snake with triangular head, especially Vipera berus)
    odze ir vienīgā indīgā čūska Latvijā‎ ― the viper is the only poisonous snake in Latvia
    krāsa odzei ļoti variē: pelēcīgi brūna, sarkanīgi brūna, zaļganīgi brūna vai dzeltenīgi brūna‎ ― the color of the viper varies a lot: grayish brown, reddish brown, greenish brown or yellowish brown
  2. (figuratively) bad, evil person
    “ak tu, odze!” Kaspars dusmās grieza zobus‎ ― oh, you, viper! Kaspars gnashed his teeth in anger



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