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Alternative forms[edit]



From Russian ука́з ‎(ukáz, edict, decree), from Old East Slavic указъ ‎(ukáz, edict), from указать ‎(ukazat’, to show, decree), from Old Church Slavonic указати ‎(ukazati, to show, decree), itself formed from the intensifying prefix у- ‎(u-) (denoting a concrete purpose) + казати ‎(kazati, to show, order).


oekaze m, f ‎(plural oekazen or oekazes, diminutive oekazetje n)

  1. An ukase, absolutist edict decreed by a Russian czar or (later) emperor.
  2. (figuratively) Any absolute order and/or arrogant proclamation
    De oekazen van de tyrannieke kapitein worden ongenadig afgedwongen met geselingen
    The tyrannical captain's ukases are mercilessly enforced by whippings