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Alternative forms[edit]


From Russian указ (ukáz, edict, decree), from Old East Slavic указъ (ukáz, edict), from указать (ukazat’, to show, decree), from Old Church Slavonic указати (ukazati, to show, decree), itself formed from the intensifying prefix у- (u-) (denoting a concrete purpose) + казати (kazati, to show, order).



oekaze m, f (plural oekazen or oekazes, diminutive oekazetje n)

  1. An ukase, absolutist edict decreed by a Russian czar or (later) emperor.
  2. (figuratively) Any absolute order and/or arrogant proclamation
    De oekazen van de tyrannieke kapitein worden ongenadig afgedwongen met geselingen
    The tyrannical captain's ukases are mercilessly enforced by whippings