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Borrowing from Hawaiian ʻōhelo.



ohelo (plural ohelos)

  1. A small red or yellow berry growing on the shrub Vaccinium reticulatum of volcanic parts of the Hawaiian islands of Hawaii and Maui, or the shrub itself.
    • 1980, Janet Kear; A. J. Berger, “The Hawaiian Goose or Nene”, in The Hawaiian Goose: An Experiment in Conservation, Calton, Staffordshire: T. & A. D. Poyser, →ISBN; reprinted London: T. & A. D. Poyser, 2010, →ISBN, page 42:
      Ohelo Vaccinium reticulatum (and V. peleanum) and kukaenene Coprosma ernodeoides [] are the most important berries in the Nenes' diet, and it is probably from such juicy fruit that much of their water intake comes.
    • 2004, Richard [Alan] Fortey, The Earth: An Intimate History, London: HarperCollins, →ISBN; republished London: Folio Society, 2011, OCLC 800741290, page 37:
      Growing on nearly bare lava flows, the flora includes small relatives of the familiar cranberry: the ohelo carries a bright red, succulent berry that was once a staple item in the diet of the nene, the Hawaiian goose.