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From Ancient Greek ὀλιγάρχης (oligárkhēs).
Surface analysis: olig- (few) +‎ -arch (ruler, leader)



oligarch (plural oligarchs)

  1. A member of an oligarchy; someone who is part of a small group that runs a country.
  2. (especially Russia, USA, Europe, or China) A very rich person, particularly with political power; a plutocrat.
    • 2016 December 6, Francis Fukuyama, “The Dangers of Disruption”, in The New York Times[1]:
      He will be an oligarch in the Russian mold: a rich man who used his wealth to gain political power and who would use political power to enrich himself once in office.
    Synonyms: plutocrat, tycoonocrat
  3. (cosmogony) A protoplanet formed during oligarchic accretion.

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