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one-night stand (plural one-night stands)

  1. An occasion when a performer or team of them (especially in vaudeville) expects to perform at a theater for a single evening.
    • 1916 March 25, Irvin S. Cobb, “"Unaccustomed as I am—"”, in Saturday Evening Post[1]:
      Again, when the affair is over, I catch a glimpse of myself running to catch a train for our next one-night stand.
    • 1948, Barré Lyndon, Jonathan Latimer (screenplay), Night Has a Thousand Eyes, spoken by John Triton (Edward G. Robinson):
      It wasn't until the third or fourth or fifth drops that I became aware of this rain that was to engulf my life. I remember the date, August 3, 1928. We were playing a one-night stand in a small town in Louisiana, Glenberry.
  2. (idiomatic) A single sexual encounter between two individuals, where at least one of the partners has no immediate intention or expectation of establishing a longer-term sexual or romantic relationship. As the phrase implies, the relationship lasts for only one night.
    Synonyms: pump and dump; wham, bam, thank you ma'am
  3. (idiomatic) Either of the two partners involved in such a single sexual encounter.
    • 2004, Paul G. Nation, The Jacksonville Four: Living Where Money Grows on Trees, AuthorHouse (2004), →ISBN, page 20:
      Chet's mom was never home. She always went out gambling, partying and staying overnight with one of her sugar daddies. Chet never met his father. He was just a one-night stand she'd had eighteen years ago.
    • 2009, HoneyB, Single Husbands, Grand Central Publishing (2009), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      She was a one-night stand he'd met at the gym, and Herschel couldn't remember her name.
    • 2011, Jane Graves, Black Ties and Lullabies, Forever (2011), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      “So she was just a one-night stand like all the rest?”



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one-night stand

  1. Alternative form of one-night-stand
    • 2009, Charlotte Heje Haase, Skydykker uden faldskærm, Lindhardt og Ringhof (→ISBN)
      Han havde aldrig haft et one-night stand, svarede han.
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    • 2016, Anders Løgstrup Bjerg, Regnen falder, Gyldendal A/S (→ISBN)
      ... et one-night stand, et tilfældigt knald, et hak i sengestolpen ...
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    • 2015, Caspar Eric, Nike, Gyldendal A/S (→ISBN)
      ... fx efter en aften i byen / hvor jeg vågnede op / i en fremmed seng / efter et one-night stand ...
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    • 2011, Dorte Toft, Lykkelig i nørdland: Hvem bygger fremtiden? En tankevækker til fædre, mødre og andre, der påvirker pigers studievalg, Gyldendal A/S (→ISBN)
      ... det generer ikke mig, hvis det bare er for et one-night stand.
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