out of bounds

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Prepositional phrase[edit]

out of bounds

  1. (idiomatic) That which one is prohibited from entering.
    You can play wherever you want, but remember that the cemetery is out of bounds.
  2. (idiomatic) Beyond the bounds of civility or morality; extremely unreasonable.
    You were out of bounds to call him a criminal.
  3. Outside the area of play; beyond the sideline of a playing field or court.
    The ball went out of bounds.




out of bounds (plural out of bounds)

  1. (sports) A sideline marking the edge of a playing field or court.
  2. (sports) An instance of a player or the ball going out of bounds.
    • 1984, Harold Keith, Forty-Seven Straight: The Wilkinson Era at Oklahoma, Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, published 2003, →ISBN, page 28:
      Although Oklahoma outyarded the Jays 339 to 155, Kansas fought magnificently and earned its 13-13 tie. Royal's punting had begun to jell. He kicked four out-of-bounds against the Crimson and Blue.


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