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Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle English outfallen, equivalent to out- +‎ fall. Compare Dutch uitvallen (to fall out, sally), German ausfallen (to fall out, lunge), Swedish utfalla (to fall out).


outfall (third-person singular simple present outfalls, present participle outfalling, simple past outfell, past participle outfallen)

  1. (transitive, obsolete) To burst forth, as upon an enemy; make a sally.

Etymology 2[edit]

From out- +‎ fall. Compare Dutch uitval (outburst, sally, eruption), German Ausfall (falling out, sally), Swedish utfall (sally, issue).


outfall (plural outfalls)

  1. (obsolete) A sudden eruption of troops from a fortified place; sally.
  2. (dialectal) A quarrel; a falling out.
  3. The point or place of discharge of a river, drain, culvert, sewer, etc.; mouth; embouchure.
    • 2014 October 18, Matt Weiser, “Could desalination solve California’s water problem?”, in The Sacramento Bee[1], retrieved 20150315:
      The rules focus primarily on two crucial operating features: seawater intakes and outfalls.
Derived terms[edit]