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From Middle English overmacchen, equivalent to over- +‎ match.


overmatch (plural overmatches)

  1. A match in which one opponent is greatly superior to the other.
    • 1748, David Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding[1], 2007 Oxford ed., ¶13:
      [] we can increase the velocity of that force, so as to make it an overmatch for its antagonist.
  2. An opponent who is more than a match for another; one who cannot be defeated.

Related terms[edit]



overmatch (third-person singular simple present overmatches, present participle overmatching, simple past and past participle overmatched)

  1. To match more than intended.
    The regular expression overmatched, capturing the entire paragraph instead of the specific sentence.
  2. To be more than equal to or a match for; hence, to vanquish.
    • Michael Drayton
      At Lemster, for whose wool whose staple doth excell,
      And seems to overmatch the golden Phrygian fell.
  3. To marry to a superior.
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