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owl +‎ -y


owly (comparative owlier, superlative owliest)

  1. Resembling or characteristic of an owl.
    • 2010, Tracy Chevalier, Remarkable Creatures, Dutton (2010), ↑ISBN, page 48:
      In the picture Miss Elizabeth showed me the croc had little piggy eyes, not huge owly ones.
  2. In a bad mood; cranky.
    • 1988, Janette Oke, Winter Is Not Forever, Bethany House Publishers (2010), ↑ISBN, page 16:
      I had no right to be owly and disagreeable with Willie.
  3. Seeing poorly.
    • 1908, Vernon L. Kellogg, "The Vendetta", in Insect Stories, Henry Holt and Company (1908), page 55:
      Perhaps nice isn't the best word for him, but he certainly was an unusually imposing and fluffy-haired and fierce-looking brute of a tarantula. He had rather an owly way about him, as if he had come out from his hole too early and was dazed and half-blinded by the light.


Derived terms[edit]


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