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owre (plural owres)

  1. Obsolete form of hour.
  2. Obsolete form of oar.
  3. Obsolete form of ore.
  4. (obsolete) The aurochs.
    (Can we find and add a quotation of Edmund Spenser to this entry?)




owre (comparative mair owre, superlative maist owre)

  1. Over.
    • 1786 July 31, Robert Burns, “On a Scotch Bard Gone to the West Indies”, in Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire: Printed by John Wilson, OCLC 922031953; reprinted Kilmarnock: James McKie, March 1867, OCLC 367976637, page 184:
      Fareweel, my rhyme-compoſing billie! / Your native ſoil was right ill-willie; / But may ye flouriſh like a lily, / Now bonilie! / I'll toaſt ye in my hindmoſt gillie, / Tho' owre the Sea!