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Coined by George Lucas for the Star Wars franchise. Sometimes said to have been derived from Sanskrit, or from Padawan, a region of Malaysia.


  • enPR: pădʹ-ə-wän'
  • IPA(key): /ˈpæd.ə.ˌwɑn/


padawan (plural padawans)

  1. An apprentice or student Jedi.
  2. (by extension, humorous) Any apprentice or student.
    • 2001, Joseph P. Russell, Java programming for the absolute beginner, page 57:
      It is impossible for you to create this application using only the techniques you learned in the first two chapters, so read on young padawan!
    • 2006, Tom Limoncelli, Time management for system administrators, page 160:
      "The root of your problem is just that, young padawan. Hmmm?"