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From pa- +‎ klājs (deck (of ship)), with klājs (q.v.) being an irregular nominal form of klāt (to cover).[1]


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paklājs m (1st declension)

  1. carpet, rug, mat (floor covering, usually soft, to embellish it)
    mīksts paklājssoft carpet, rug
    rakstains paklājspatterned carpet, rug
    tautiskā stilā austs paklājscarpet, rug woven in ethnic, folkloric style
    pīts paklājsbraided mat, matting
    gumijas paklājsrubber mat
    linoleja paklājslinoleum covering
    burvju paklājsmagic carpet (folkloric)
  2. covering, layer (a covering that stays at the bottom of something)
    hidroizolācijas paklājswaterproof cover, layer
  3. (sports) mat (a floor covering, especially in martial arts, designed to protect the athletes from injury during training and competitions)
    cīnas paklājswrestling mat
  4. (figuratively) layer (something, a substance, that covers something else)
    ziedu, sūnu, sniega paklājsa layer of flowers, moss, snow
    krasta nav; ir tikai saule un miglas paklājs pāri jūraithere is no coast; only the sun and a layer, carpet of fog across the sea



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