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pantywaist (not comparable)

  1. (informal, especially of a male person) Weak, timid, effeminate, ineffectual.
    His rough, burly father was mortified by the lad's pantywaist behavior.


pantywaist (plural pantywaists)

  1. (informal, dated) An undergarment composed, in part, of panties attached to a waistband.
    • 1929 April 29, “The Altman Sale of Children's Underwear”, in The New York Times, display advertisement, page 16:
      Lace trimmed panty waists—50 cents.
  2. (derogatory) An ineffectual, weak, or timid person, especially a boy or young man; a sissy.
    • 1943 January 24, Borland, Hal, “'Baedekers' for Our Fighters: So you're going abroad, says Uncle Sam”, in The New York Times, page SM14:
      Don't be misled by the British tendency to be soft-spoken and polite. The English language didn't spread across the oceans and over the mountains and jungles and swamps because these people were pantywaists.