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Alternative forms[edit]


paper +‎ clay


paper clay (countable and uncountable, plural paper clays)

  1. (geology, manufacturing) A kind of uniformly light-coloured clay composed of fine particles, used in the production of paper and wallpaper; kaolin.
    • 1840, Henry Darwin Rogers, Description of the Geology of the State of New Jersey, New Jersey Geological Survey, p 101:
      It is a good specimen of the variety of fire-clay, which is used for facing paperhangings, and is sold as paper clay.
  2. (ceramics) Clay mixed with shredded paper or other fibres, valued for its strength and light weight in the production of large ceramic works.
    • 1993 [2010], Rosette Gault, Paper Clay for Ceramic Sculptors: A Studio Companion, Seattle: Clear Light Books.
      Ceramic paperclay contains a special balance of organic cellulose fibers (like those in recycled paper pulp) dispersed uniformly within a base of inorganic traditional clay.
    • 1998, Rosette Gault, Paper/Clay and Method of Preparation, United States Patent no. 5,726,111, USPTO:
      [title] Paper/Clay and Method of Preparation