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Alternative forms[edit]


paper +‎ bound


paperbound (comparative more paperbound, superlative most paperbound)

  1. (not comparable, of a book) Having flexible covers; paperback; softcovered.
    • 1935, "Inflation Letters," Time, 4 Mar.:
      Last week in collaboration with his longtime associate, Frederick Shelton, Editor Kiplinger published a paperbound booklet called Inflation Ahead!—What to do about it.
  2. (comparable) Involving or burdened by excessive administrative requirements, especially in the form of paperwork.


  • (burdened by excessive administration or paperwork): bureaucratic


paperbound (plural paperbounds)

  1. (dated) A paperback book.
    • 1957, Top of the News (volumes 14-16, page 55)
      Few book budgets can stretch enough to provide for the desired duplicates, but the paperbounds cost so little that by using them heavy duplication is possible. We also find them useful for duplication of titles that have only occasional demand.