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From Old French par aval (below), from par (through) (Latin per) + aval (down), from a- (Latin ad) + val (a valley) (Latin vallis). Compare paramount.



paravail (not comparable)

  1. At the bottom; lowest (said of feudal tenants).
    • 1882, James Charles Blomfield, History of the Deanery of Bicester: History of the present deanery of Bicester, Oxon, page 59:
      Of the estate adjoining Cottesford the paravail tenants were members of the family who took their name from that village, and were resident in it, de Cotfelde or []
    • 1929, Radhabinod Pal, The History of the Law of Primogeniture: With Special Reference to India, Ancient and Modern:
      The inferior, or paravail tenants, held their lands from the barons, and the barons, or mesne lords, were the grantees of the king []

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