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From pa- +‎ slēpt (to hide).


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paslēpt tr., 1st conj., pres. paslēpju, paslēp, paslēpj, past paslēpu

  1. to hide (to place something or someone in a place where others cannot see or find it)
    paslēpt ko kabatāto hide something in (one's) pocket
    Liena paslēpa vēstuli azotēLiena hid the letter in her bosom
    paslēpt seju spilvenāto hide (one's) face in the pillow
    paslēpt bēgli, partizānuto hide a refugee, a (guerrilla) partisan
  2. to hide, to protect (to place something or someone in a safe place, protected from something)
    paslēpt seju no saulesto hide the face from the sun


Derived terms[edit]