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piola f

  1. axe

Further reading[edit]

  • piola” in INFCOR: Banca di dati di a lingua corsa



  • IPA(key): /ˈpjola/ [ˈpjo.la]
  • Rhymes: -ola
  • Syllabification: pio‧la

Etymology 1[edit]

From Latin pediola (shackle).


piola f (plural piolas)

  1. thin rope
    • 1876, José María Lozano, Manuel Dublán, Legislación mexicana:
      Que al tiempo del armamento del buque, se le deben suministrar al condestable, sin que le resulte de cargo, sebo para empalmar las cureñas, baiben para la ligadura de los bragueros, piola para los casonetes y chifles, pintura para pintar la artillería, hilo de vela para falcacear chicotes, y el todo á proporcion del número y calibre de las piezas.
      At the time of arming the ship, you must supply to the constable, without it resulting from crime: tallow to grease the gun carriages, lines for the tying of the trusses, string for the toggles and powder horns, paint to paint the artillery, twine to whip the rope ends, and everything in agreement with the number and caliber of the pieces.
  2. a messy ending of old string or wires
  3. firecracker

Etymology 2[edit]

From Lunfardo, vesre of limpio.


piola (plural piolas)

  1. (Argentina, Chile) agreeable, charming, pleasant, having good countenance
  2. (Argentina) awesome; cool
    • 1997, Pacho O'Donnell, Teatro:
      Vos sos un tipo piola y eso lo tenés que saber
      You're a cool guy and you gotta know it
  3. (Argentina, Chile) astute, quick-witted
  4. (Chile) quiet, calm, relaxed (person)

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