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plump +‎ -y


plumpy (comparative plumpier, superlative plumpiest)

  1. Plump; fat; sleek.
    • 2010, Donald Meikle, Twowinter Tales (page 73)
      "We're here t' greet ye," piped a plumpy little girl, pulling at Cal's sleeve.


plumpy (plural plumpies)

  1. (informal) A fat person or thing.
    • 1990, Douglas Adams, Mark Carwardine, Last Chance To See
      The most famous of all the animals of Mauritius is a large, gentle dove. A remarkably large dove, in fact: its weight is closest to that of a well-fed turkey. Its wings long ago gave up the idea of lifting such a plumpy off the ground, and withered away into decorative little stumps.
    • 2007, Jim Harrison, Julip (page 112)
      It was ladies' league night at the bowling alley, and when he stood in the bar looking out at the lanes he picked out her trim figure on lane 7 in a gaggle of plumpies.