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Poddy lambs feeding


From pod +‎ -y.


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poddy (comparative poddier, superlative poddiest)

  1. (not comparable) Of or pertaining to a pod or pods.
    • 1944, New Mexico State University Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station, New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Issues 318-329, page 88,
      [] the second cutting each season was allowed to become poddy, i.e., to set seed pods.
  2. Fat, corpulent.
  3. (not comparable, Australia, of a young animal) Fed by hand.
    • 1901, Miles Franklin, My Brilliant Career, page 207,
      One of my half-starved poddy calves was very ill, and I went out to doctor it previous to bathing and tidying myself for my finishing household duties.
    • 1964, New South Wales Department of Agriculture, The Agricultural Gazette of New South Wales, Volume 74, page 646,
      Constant handling will cause mis-mothering, leading to deaths and a number of poddy lambs. Poddy lambs are slow to grow and often fail to reach marketable weight under eight months of age.
    • 2008, Barry Heard, The View from Connor′s Hill, page 56,
      The first really positive change came about when Mum arrived home with a poddy lamb.


poddy (plural poddies)

  1. (Australia) An unbranded calf.
  2. (Australia) A hand-fed calf or lamb (a young animal needing milk or milk-substitute).
    • 1901, Miles Franklin, My Brilliant Career, page 207,
      I did not turn to ascertain who it might be, but trusted it was no one of importance, as the poddy and I presented rather a grotesque appearance.
    • 1904, Bush Courtin′, Australian Ballads & Short Stories, 2003, Penguin, p. 268,
      When the milkin′ music′s ended, and the big cans stacked away, / An′ the poddies have done drinkin′, an′ the neddies chew their hay
    • 2011, Ali Lewis, Everybody Jam, unnumbered page,
      She said I had to show Liz how to feed the poddies, the pigs and Buzz.
  3. (Australia, Victoria) An immature mullet.

Usage notes[edit]

A poddy calf is always a hand-fed one.


  • (unbranded calf):
  • (hand-fed young animal):

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poddy (third-person singular simple present poddies, present participle poddying, simple past and past participle poddied)

  1. (Australia) To hand-feed (a young animal).
    • 1907, Barbara Baynton, Human Toll, 2007, Echo Library, page 110,
      ‘Ell ov a trouble t′ poddy, miss, them lambs, but Queeby used t′ poddy any Gord′s quantity’ remarked Nungi.


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