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prato (Sargadelos, 19th century)


Attested since 1435. Probably a semi-learned borrowing from Vulgar Latin *plattus, from Ancient Greek πλατύς (platús, broad, flat).



prato f (plural pratos)

  1. dish, plate
    • 1435, A. López Carreira (ed.), Fragmentos de notarios, doc. E2-39:
      Rematouse enno meestre a sartana e o prato de Davi por X
      Davi's pan and dish were auctioned to the Master
    • 1459, A. López Carreira (ed.), Fragmentos de notarios, doc. D40a:
      Dous barriis, quatro pichees destano, dous pratos destano e hun de madeira … Hun conqeiro con viinte et quatro conqas et seys pratos de madeira, et tres malladeras et hun enbudo
      Two barrels, four tin pitchers, two tin dishes and a wooden one … a cupboard with twenty-four cups and six wooden dishes, and three bowls for shucking and a funnel
  2. dish, preparation; recipe
    • 1707, Salvador Francisco Roel, Entremés ao real e feliz parto da nosa raíña:
      E pois eu doze perdizes,
      e de polos ducia e media
      lle hei de lebar se Deus quer,
      e se podo vnha Tenreyra,
      por ser prato regalado
      que se estima en calquer mesa.
      Then I twelve partridges
      and a dozen and a half chickens
      I ought to take, God willing,
      and if I can a calf [veal]
      because it is an enticing dish
      that is appreciated in any table.

Coordinate terms[edit]

Derived terms[edit]


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From Latin prātum (meadow).


  • IPA(key): /ˈ
  • Rhymes: -ato
  • Hyphenation: prà‧to


prato m (plural prati)

  1. grass, lawn (ground covered with grass kept closely mown)
    falciare il pratoto mow the lawn
  2. meadow

Derived terms[edit]





  1. dative/ablative singular of prātum


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From Vulgar Latin *plattus, from Ancient Greek πλατύς (platús, broad, flat). Possibly arrived through the intermediate of French plat, or perhaps a semi-learned term or one used by mainly upper-class speakers in the past, and thus avoiding the usual sound shifts from Latin -pl- into Portuguese -ch-. Compare Spanish plato. Doublet of the popularly inherited chato and the Hellenism plati-.


  • Rhymes: -atu
  • Hyphenation: pra‧to


prato m (plural pratos)

  1. plate
    1. a flat dish from which food is served or eaten
    2. a course at a meal
  2. (music) cymbal
    Synonym: címbalo


For quotations using this term, see Citations:prato.


  • Annobonese: paatu
  • Bengali: পরাত (porat)