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Before the fall, in the carefree days in the Garden of Eden.

Alternative forms[edit]


From pre- +‎ Latin lapsus (fall) +‎ -arian.


  • (UK) IPA(key): /pɹiːlapˈsɛːɹɪən/
    • (file)


prelapsarian (not comparable)

  1. Of, or relating to the period of innocence before the Fall of man; innocent, unspoiled.
    • 2004, Janet Bertsch, Storytelling in the works of Bunyan, Grimmelshausen, Defoe, and Schnabel, page 4,
      Ideally, individual stories and God's plan share the same final goal, namely, returning to a prelapsarian state of perfect communication with God.
    • 2009, Tom Service, The Guardian, 1 Jun 2010:
      Can you really turn a few keyboards outside London's landmarks into the equivalent of a pub honky-tonk for a good old knees-up; a 50s living room where the family would gather around the piano every evening, in some prelapsarian vision of the olden days [...]?
    • 2010, "The perils of constitution-worship", The Economist, 23 Sep 2010:
      Conservative think-tanks have the same dream of return to a prelapsarian innocence.



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